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Martha y Bruno

An interactive illustrated book aimed at children between 6 and 8, Martha & Bruno was written as a critic to gender stereotypes, using simple, fun and easy to understand language for kids, as well as the tools and special features of an app’s interactivity

Martha and Bruno are cousins and neighbours. Martha likes to blow dandelions, make paper planes and help her dad fix his car. Bruno likes to bite hard candies, hide behind the pots in the garden and he likes to watch Martha while she’s washing the dishes. Just because Aunt Magda does not allow him to wash them, even when if he asks to do it. If it were for Martha, she wouldn’t wash one dish in a lifetime!

Martha & Bruno was illustrated and developed by Magali Reyes and written by Ashuni García, both mexican artists.

The demo version of Martha y Bruno is free to download for Ipad and Android devices. Currently it's only available in Spanish.

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