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Emmy-nominated animation producer and director, experienced in 2D and 3D preschool TV animation, with interest beyond. Helped develop and produce 3 seasons of Canticos, a bilingual preschool show available on Nick Jr. and YouTube.

In a past life I animated her own projects and have dabbled in storyboarding and writing. Hence the creative in "creative producer".  

Borned and raised in Michoacan, Mexico, Istudied Animation and Motion Arts at Pratt Institute in their MFA program and Animation and Digital Arts BFA at Tec de Monterrey in Mexico. 

Currently living in New York City with her husband Jeremiah and drawers full of yarn.





Creative Producer & Animation Director


Bloomfield College

Adjunct Lecturer

Bloomfield, NJ

● Ongoing animated short videos for Canticos Youtube Channel, production, content calendar & content creation.
● Canticos Bilingual App: Coordinating communication & timelines.
● Ongoing animation projects for marketing and growth team.

● Overseeing communication & timelines with in-house artists.
● Leading production calendar, pipeline and budget.
● Closely supervising the animation team.
● Storyboard supervision and revisions.
● Leading recording sessions, casting and direction.

Taught in the Creative Arts and Technology Department.

● Advanced 3D animation (Rigging in Maya)
● Character design

● Creating a Portfolio

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