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Canticos - Little Mice / Ratoncitos

Client: Canticos -Encantos Media Studios

Software Used: After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Spine, Adobe Premiere

Illustrations and lyrics by Susie Jaramillo

Art Direction by Angie Monroy

Music by Carlos "Champi "Benavides

"Little Mice/ Ratoncitos" is part of the series of illustrated bilingual children's book by Susie Jaramillo: Canticos. The books are based on classic nursery rhymes from latino and hispanic tradition. The project consists of several parts with the following contributions:

Interactive App

Cut-out character animation created on Spine for Unity for the interactive free app version of the book, using its original illustrations.

The app is available for free:

Gameplay video

Editing and animation of gameplay video for the Little Mice / Ratoncitos App, using assets and animation from the app, created on After Effects.

Sing-Along videos

Storyboard, background design and animation of the sing-along videos, in both English and Spanish. The videos are part of the Canticos Nursery rhyme Youtube Channel, with over 120 thousand subscribers.

Social Media posts

As part of the promotion campaign for this book, a series of posts using animation from the video and app were edited for social media.

More information about the Canticos books, apps and videos is available here.

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