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Little Skeletons/Esqueletitos

Client: Canticos -Encantos Media Studios

Software Used: After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Spine, Adobe Premiere

Illustrations and lyrics by Susie Jaramillo

Art Direction by Angie Monroy

Music by Carlos "Champi "Benavides

"Little Skeletons / Esqueletitos" is part of the series of illustrated bilingual children's book by Susie Jaramillo: Canticos. The books are based on classic nursery rhymes from latino and hispanic tradition. The project consists of several parts with the following contributions:

Interactive App

Cut-out character animation created on Spine for Unity for the interactive free app version of the book, using its original illustrations.

The app is available for free:

Gameplay Video

Editing and animation of gameplay video for the Little Mice / Ratoncitos App, using assets and animation from the app, created on After Effects.

Watch Video

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